Thayana, Wise Woman of the Horntallow Tribe

Atop a pile of bones and skins rests a venerable old woman with skin like wrinkled leather, stark white hair, and coal-black eyes.


NG earth genasi Adept 11


Thayana is a small, elderly woman with dark skin, dark eyes, and a shock of white hair. She has a few tattoos and her ears and nose are pierced. She has managed to lead what remains of the Horntallow tribe after Kambranex’s abductions to a cavern that is surrounded by natural magnelite deposits, which seems to have a warding effect against Kambranex’s half-machine abominations. However, the effect is decreasing, and the monstrous mechanical hunters close in with each passing day.

Thayana, Wise Woman of the Horntallow Tribe

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