Expedition to Undermountain

Session 11 - The Plot Thickens

8th Mirtul to 9th Mirtul

8th of Mirtul

The next day, the Fellowship splits up to pursue their goals.

Deejo shapes into an eagle and seeks out a sea cave upon the cliffs of Mount Waterdeep with a suitable pool of water. She lands within and begins a scrying spell to contact her teacher in the High Forest. After an hour, Ganna’s form shimmers into view in the pool and Deejo tells her what has transpired. Ganna seems rather concerned, and tells Deejo not to take rash action until the Circle contacts her, and ends the spell to go convene the Circle.

HALO goes to New Ollam to seek out information from the bards there. He is directed to Antharissa Nimesin, one of the Loremasters of the College. He sets a meeting with her for several hours later and then gathers the remaining party members. Antharissa reveals to them that the ring they have recovered is a Horned Ring of Halaster, a rare item unique to Undermountain.

Created by Halaster himself, these rings are known to contain great power. Once an individual puts on a Horned Ring, it may not be removed from that finger, ever. The only way to remove one is to remove the finger with it. Only 8 Horned Rings are known to exist, and most are accounted for among Halaster’s Apprentices. Of all the known rings, only Jhesiyra Kestellharp’s is unaccounted for, as it vanished with her centuries ago. It is a likely assumption that this ring once belonged to her. These rings are said to have the power to allow the wearer to teleport within Undermountain, absorb electricity, bypass magical barriers with a touch, and act as though under a freedom of movement spell. She warns you to treat it with caution, as most individuals out there with more than a passing knowledge of Undermountain and Halaster will recognize such an artifact in an instant.

After the meeting with Antharissa, most of the group decides to head back to the Yawning Portal Inn. Cale wants to get a pair of fine slippers he found enchanted with haste, and begins to inquire around the Trade and Castle Wards as to where he might find one to do the work. He is largely shrugged off or laughed away, while a few direct him to seek out Farideh at Lorcan’s Tower, one of the Cliffside Villas along the slopes of Mount Waterdeep. Cale finally arrives at the mansion, and rings the bell. Farideh herself greets him, and is rather prickly, though she curtly agrees to work the enchantment, though for 14,000 Dragons.

Cale meets back with the other members of the Fellowship as evening begins to fall. They discuss their plans over dinner. Deejo and Cale wish to await word from Deejo’s mentor before doing anything else. Dolf and HALO, however, are getting restless and are considering a scouting mission into Undermountain, possibly heading in by themselves.

Night passes. No word comes.

9th of Mirtul

Day comes, but still no word arrives. Deejo and Cale persuade Dolf and HALO to hold off for one more day. The day passes as the group waits. Cale sequesters himself in his room, while Dolf boasts of their accomplishments in the common room with HALO singing softly and strumming his lute in the corner. Deejo paces the streets. The day passes, with no word. Night falls. Dolf and Cale drink next to the fire while HALO listens to the murmurs of the common room and strums his lute. Deejo returns to the sea cave and begins to meditate and focus on her connection to nature.


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