Errya Eltorchul

A tall, pale woman with brown dreadlocks and a regal bearing stands with her hand on her hip. She wears robes of muted brown and grey, and a fine scarf loosely draped around her neck. Her forearms bear ritual scars and dark blue tattoos.


CN female human rogue 2/ wizard 3


Errya has come to Undermountain to practice her magics away from prying eyes. She has established herself rather well, presumably, having at least two bugbears as personal bodyguards, and possibly a base of operations as well.

Errya has recently been earning extra coin by selling passably accurate “post-earthquake” maps of a section of the Dungeon Level to the Called. Errya is friendly with Ellithral, who directed the PCs towards Errya and set up a meeting with her.

Errya Eltorchul

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