Ellithral the Golden

A youthful, energetic, blonde half-elf grasps a flute in one hand, and an ale tankard in the other. He wears a red cap with a golden feather, and smiles broadly.


NG male half-elf bard 5


Ellithral is well known to regulars of the Yawning Portal Inn for his honeyed words and repertoire of tales. He earned his sobriquet for both his heritage (his father was a sun elf) and his charm. He has long made a living in the taproom of the Yawning Portal, selling adventurers dubious tales and wishful rumors for small amounts of coin.

The half-elf is quick to buy a drink for any individuals who exit the Well alive, offering them a much needed libation in return for an immediate recounting of their tale. Durnan has long tolerated Ellithral’s presence, for the credulous half-elf has proven himself functionally harmless, though his willingness and enthusiasm for buying and selling stories of the legendary dungeon only add to the maelstrom of misinformation swirling around the Yawning Portal.

Ellithral the Golden

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