Durnan the Wanderer

A gruff, square-jawed, burly man whose shoulder length russet hair is graying very slightly. A retired fighter who made his fortune in Undermountain, Durnan is now the owner and overseer of the Yawning Portal Inn.


NG male human fighter 18


Durnan always remains confident and alert, and he usually wears a leather jerkin, breeches, and boots, along with a cotton shirt. Durnan hates unfairness and injustice. He is tolerant of the differing interests of others – at least until they unsheath a weapon in his inn. He conceals his emotions well, is slow to lose his temper, and knows how to handle rowdy or threatening adventurers.

Durnan spend his youth wandering and battling monsters. He eventually took on the challenge of Undermountain and survived to return to the surface. Using the riches he earned while exploring, he built the Yawning Portal Inn. He later married his childhood sweetheart, Mhaere Dryndilstann. Together, they have a single daughter, Tamsil Dryndilstann.

Durnan the Wanderer

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