Dolf Battleborn

A wide, short dwarf wears a set of strange navy blue armor that seems to be made of some scaly material. He has bright reddish hair and a magnificently braided beard, split into three plaits. He bears a shield and longsword, and wears a simple headband.


CG male dwarf cleric 9


Dolf hails from Clan Battleborn, a cousin clan and confederate of House Kundarak in the Mror Holds on Khorvaire. Dolf joined the clergy of Haela Brightaxe when he turned 40, having identified with the Lady of the Fray’s bold and unorthodox ways more than the stuffy, aristocratic, and tedious affairs the rest of his more sedentary family preferred such as lawyering, banking, and politicking. He joined the largely female sect after the urging of his great-great-grandfather Noldor that he join the ranks of the clergy of the Morndinsamman.

Noldor was the family patriarch and a retired adventurer as well. In his youth, he journeyed across the Sea of Swords to Faerun and into Undermountain during his travels. It was there that he retrieved the dwarven longsword Tyrfing. As the guiding member of the clan, Noldor often rubbed the rest of Dolf’s family the wrong way. He didn’t care much for many of the more strict dwarven society rules, and he would let others know. Dolf often felt similarly, and the two grew very close indeed.

Noldor died 10 years ago at the old age of 525. Shortly before he died, he passed on his old adventuring sword, Tyrfing, to Dolf. The rest of Clan Battleborn quickly turned to squabbling and petty infighting over what was left unassigned of Noldor’s wealth and power. Sick of what he viewed as continuous “non-dwarven” behavior and dishonorable actions, Dolf left shortly after an outburst at Noldor’s official funeral to adventure across Khorvaire.

A few years later while making his way across the Talenta Plains Dolf met HALO, who was living with the halflings at that time. The two struck up an immediate friendship due to their similar natures and martial prowess and decided to adventure together. Eventually, they decided to follow in the footsteps of Dolf’s great-great-grandfather Noldor, and seek out new adventures on Faerun.

The two boarded a ship in the Aesir Principalities and set off to the East. They first came to the Moonshae Isles, and roamed about on them for 2 months. Then they sailed to mainland Faerun to the port of Waterdeep and stayed for 2 weeks before heading north to Neverwinter. Then they set off into the interior, and after a month, found themselves in the Anauroch Desert. Here, they encountered a young adult blue dragon.

The dragon was named Vixinratharinx, and attempted to ambush the two and relieve them of their treasure. Dolf and HALO barely managed to escape, but after doing so, tracked the rather foolish dragon to his lair, and then later laid a trap after seeing him leave the safety of his lair. The two prevailed, and slew Vixinratharinx. Dolf harvested some of the dragon’s hide that was not marred by battle and together he and HALO crafted a set of dragon plate for Dolf to wear.

Dolf and HALO were a day southeast of Waterdeep when the earthquake occurred and Halaster’s Call went out. Eagerly, they returned to the fabulous city, ready to brave the depths of Undermountain.


480 YK

Noldor Battleborn is born in the Mror Holds

545 YK

Noldor has become an accomlished paladin and adventurer, and has traveled across the Sea of Rage to Faerun. Having continued his explorations, he eventually finds himself in Waterdeep, above the dungeons that he soon explores and finds to be the Underhalls. He finds ancient ruins, perhaps thousands of years old, and more questions than answers. While attempting to regroup with his fellows and escape, he stumbled upon a foul trap guarding an old tomb and a dozen demons sprung forth to end him in the darkness. Noldor had lost his weapon earlier, and was forced to retreat deeper into the tomb. At a dead end, resting upon the carved likeness of a death knight was a cold iron longsword. Noldor snatched it up while offering a short prayer to Gorm Gulthyn and Haela Brightaxe, and turned to face the demons, and slew them all. The blade bears an inscription in the Elder Futhark which reads “OF HAELA, RIGHTEOUS DESTRUCTION”. Noldor eventually escapes the Underhalls and continues to adventure.

555 YK

Noldor has returned home to the Mror Holds. He shows off his unusual sword and tells his tales, but his kin do not believe that any of their ancestors made a home across the sea. Nonetheless, Noldor pledges to stay at home and guard the family territory and clan interests, as Gorm would have him do. He soon marries Asny, and together they have a daughter, Delamani, and a son, Balki.

660 YK

Delamani marries Volki and they have two sons, Frostulf and Yngvar, and a daughter, Adra. This is a relatively large amount of children, and is seen as a blessing from Berona Truesilver upon Clan Battleborn.

775 YK

Moradin hands down the Thunder Blessing to all dwarf-kind in 1150 DR, The Year of Thundering. This greatly increases the birthrate of the dwarves and has the unusual effect of producing many more sets of identical and fraternal twins.

790 YK

Adra marries Delthor and they have two sets of twins. The identical twin sisters Iodi and Isgerd are born first, followed a few years later by the twin brothers Torfi and Dunadin.

894 YK

The Last War begins

920 YK

Iodi has married Thiran and they have the fraternal Thunder Twins Dolf and Svala. By this date, Noldor has deferred all house business to his children and grand children in order to take a more proactive role in his great-grandchildren’s and great-great-grandchildren’s lives. He still holds a seat of power on the Clan Council and is the Patriarch of the Clan, though his involvement is quite lessened.

931 YK

The Mror Holds have officially confederated and seceded from Karrnath.

940 YK

Dolf has grown up with his sister Svala, his cousin Burzum (son of Dunadin), and their friend Bjorgi Gemheart, a Ward of their Clan from the allied Gemheart Clan. Dolf loved his great-great-grandfather dearly. He would often listen to his stories of adventure and his particular favorite was the Tale of the Underhalls. Sometimes, Noldor would let Dolf hold the sword he had recovered unsheathed as he told the part about the demons, and these moments had tremendous impact on young Dolf.

960 YK

Dolf joins the clergy of Haela Brightaxe as a kaxanar-in-training. His family admires his conviction… but would have greatly preferred he not join such a specific martial order, if even join the ranks of the Morndinsamman clerics at all! Noldor enforces his will that the younger generations be allowed to pursue what life-paths they wish, and the rest of the Clan relents. Dolf has grown up while knowing only times of war, and has known of the suffering of the common people. He dedicates himself to the fight against evil in defense of those cannot defend themselves.

983 YK

The Time of Troubles begins.

988 YK

Dolf has completed his training. He wants to join in the Last War raging across Khorvaire, but Mistress Gunhild Darkrock of Krona Peak and Noldor both counsel him against such rash action, and advise him to take up the defense of the Clanholds at Krona Peak and continue his martial mastery there. Throughout his training and afterwards, Dolf studies the longsword and shield.

994 YK

The Time of Troubles ends.

995 YK

The Treaty of Thronehold is signed on the first of the 11th month of 995. Two weeks later, Noldor dies at the age of 525. Official status as Elder of Clan Battleborn passes to Delamani, and she becomes Matriarch.

Throughout his life, Noldor insisted there were more secrets about the dwarven Mror peoples across the ocean, in the Underhalls. Most of the Clan did not believe him and dismissed his claims, going so far as to ignore his youthful exploits across the ocean and in the depths of that ancient dungeon.

At this, Dolf caused quite a scene. Swearing to honor Noldor’s battles and memory, Dolf takes up the sword his great-great-grandfather left to him, packs his things, and leaves the Mror Holds and his family’s political machinations. Before he departed, he met quietly and secretly with Svala, and they remain in close contact.

Dolf makes his way west to the Aesir Principalities. He meets people who have been terrorized by a pirate named Omar Bloodbeard, and shortly after barely survives an attack himself. Dolf recovers from his wounds, and rallies the common folk against Omar’s pirate tyrrany.

996 YK

Omar Bloodbeard is dead by Dolf’s hand, and his black market has dried up. A few criminals who were made rich by this black market desire Dolf’s blood, so he moves cautiously. Many try to kill him over the next month and a half, but he pushes back, disrupting slave trades, raiding groups, and racketeering alike. Eventually, spurred on by Dolf’s incessant worrying, the pirates form a ragged coalition and strike at Dolf while he in in Regalport. This proves to be their undoing, as Dolf survives, and all who call Regalport safe harbor give chase to the pirates. A friend of Dolf’s, Thorvald Brinehammer, agrees to sail him south, away from the attention of pirates.

997 YK

Dolf docks on Valenar and is on his own. He quickly learns that he cannot appear battle-ready alone, or else he may encounter a brigand looking for a good drinking story. He soon makes a few friends in battle and sets about helping people. Eventually, Dolf meets a desert elf by the name of Lyndis Danaer, who helps guide him north through the Blade Desert to the Talenta Plains.

998 YK

In the Talenta Plains, Dolf remains battle-ready, as the native inhabitants and environs prove to be potentially quite hostile. Nonetheless, Dolf encounters more friendly people than not, nomadic halfling bands and the like. He spends a few years here, helping where he can.

1000 YK

Dolf meets HALO on the Talenta Plains, while both are traveling with different halfling tribes. The two form a fast friendship and decide to strike off together in search of more adventure. They eventually travel nearly the entire length and breadth of Khorvaire.

1003 YK

Dolf and HALO meet up with Dolf’s old friend Thorvald Brinehammer in the Aesir Principalities and he takes them across the Sea of Rage to the Moonshae Isles. The two spend a few months in the northern regions there, then continue east to the Sword Coast of Faerun.

1005 YK

Dolf and HALO are southeast of Waterdeep when Halaster’s Call goes out. They head to the city, and meet Cale Rittfield on a similar quest, and decide to join forces with him.

Dolf Battleborn

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