Chukt'yuktuk "Chuk" Greyhair

A hirsute bugbear with a braided beard toils behind a makeshift counter. He wears a wizardly shopkeep's apron with crude stars and moons drawn upon it.


CN male bugbear wizard 5


Chukt’yuktuk is the purveyor of Chuk’s Magic Shoppe, a traveling store that sets up shop all over the Dungeon Level of Undermountain, and a few select locations on the Storeroom Level. Chuk’s Shoppe sells, “oceans o’ potions, wads o’ rods, rolls o’ scrolls, waves o’ staves, and factories o’ phylacteries! If it’s magic an’ it ain’t on ya already, Chuk’s got it!”

Though enthusiastic, this statement, and many others made by Chuk, are best taken with a grain of salt. At best, you can find an item for sale at around 150 – 300% market value. At worst, you’ve spent your hard earned gold dragons on a fancy-looking fake.

Chuk is always accompanied by his bat familiar, whom he refers to as his “sweet little girl”, named Very Sharp Fang. She often sleeps hanging from one of his braids or one of the earrings hanging from his large, hairy ears. Despite seeming rather portly and incapable, Chuk is a seasoned veteran of Undermountain and an accomplished wrestler as well as wizard. He also retains the services of three friends from his youth as bouncers and loaders, Crusher, Skinner, and Boyle. Chuk keeps his shop mobile, never staying in any one location for more than two consecutive days, with the exception of his small number of hidden “vault” rooms.

Chukt'yuktuk "Chuk" Greyhair

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