Expedition to Undermountain

Session 9 - The Horned Ring

6th Mirtul

6th of Mirtul

The Fellowship crosses through the submerged Corridor of Black Water, and onto the other side. After turning down the next corridor, they encounter a rippling curtain of darkness filling the tunnel. According to Cale, these are one of Halaster’s notorious traps, traditionally having an antimagic field effect in addition to the darkness and the heightened gravity. However, according to rumors amongst the Called, this one and several others like it on the Dungeon Level have only the darkness portion active after the earthquake.

This rumor proves true, and the group leaps the gap one by one. Down the corridor, at the end of a T-junction, is a 10-foot-wide bas relief of a snarling, demonic face. A round hole in the center of the faces’ mouth, some 6 inches in diameter, leads down into darkness. Cale notified the group that this was the Hungry Face, which projects a strong sonic attack which will abate when fed a scroll. The group found that a scroll of 3rd level stopped the effect while a scroll of 1st level and 2nd level did not.

Cale informed the group that his continuing dream-vision took place on the Falling Stair, which was not far from their current location. In his vision, a glowing blue-white presence places a small metal item into his hand. It is accompanied by the impulse that the item is incredibly important somehow to their current quest. The Fellowship decides to proceed directly to the Falling Stair.

Upon drawing near, the Fellowship feels a deep rumbling and the walls shake and the staircase ahead of them collapses into a rocky pile of rubble. Cale tells them that this is to be expected, however. After about 30 minutes, all the fallen dust and rubble begins to rise silently towards the ceiling, and in a moment, the stairway is clear again. As the Fellowship proceeds up the now safe stairs, they are attacked by two blazing globes of fire bouncing out of the darkness above. A battle ensues, and the blobby fire things eventually collapse into smoldering ooze that quickly cools as it runs down the stairs.

Cale walks slowly up the stairs, and a shimmering web of arcane energy spreads forth to stop his progress. At the center of the web is a pale blue-white glow that pulsates in a calm, nonthreatening manner, as though waiting for him to do something. Cale reaches into the light, and wraps his hand around a small metal item. As Cale looks at the item after he draws it out of the light, it turns out to be a small black iron ring set with a pair of horns that sweep back towards the wearer, with a ruby in the middle of the horns.

Afterwards, the glowing presence retreated up the stairs and the glowing web disappeared, with a wall of force left in its place. As the glow winked out in the distance a voice resonated in the Fellowship’s head “NOW LEAVE THE STAIR TO THIS CITADEL”. The Fellowship hurriedly made their way down the stair and made camp in an alcove slightly to the North.


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