Expedition to Undermountain

Session 8 - Lights to Ward Off the Dark

19th Tarsakh to 6th Mirtul

19th of Tarsakh to 5th of Mirtul

The Fellowship awakes after a night of feasting and drinking with the Horntallow Tribe. They prepare spells and travel back to the Chasm of the Mad Mage after making their farewells to the earth genasi. They ascend the cliff and return to the Entry Well and the surface world.

It is here that Quajhi decides to make his leave, as the strange and terrible sights have proven too much for him. He resolves to keep more to House Sivis business but tells the Fellowship that he will be staying in Waterdeep at the local Sivis Outpost for the time being, and that they should drop by if they are in need of his skills, as they are part of the reason he is still alive at all.

Cale returns to the woods North of Waterdeep for a while to contemplate the things he saw and to try to contact Nyssa. He is disturbed by the fierce power of the unnatural creations of the wizard, and the ease with which they seemed to conquer the natural forces around them. He retreats into the depths of his own soul, seeking the power that Nyssa has always told him resides there.

HALO loses himself in the streets of Waterdeep for several days, where he ends up running into Danilo Thann himself, who is seeking inspiration on the docks. Danilo quickly befriends him, and HALO spends the next several days being shown the sights around Waterdeep, and staying at the New Ollam Bard’s College. He decides to make a sizeable donation to the College, at the sum of 5,000 gold Dragons. This is enough to begin construction of their new wing, which Danilo promises to dedicate to HALO and his friends, of whom he has heard much about from HALO during the preceding days.

Dolf spends a time at the Mordinsammrn as Greengrass is approaching, and the day bears religious significance for him. During this time, he meets Authgrim Stonebeard while making a futile attempt to study. Dolf has been sent to study in punishment for bringing a cursed item into the Mordinsammrn, an item he retrieved from Kambranex’s horde. Authgrim recognizes the runic inscriptions on Dolf’s sword and agrees to tutor him in the deep lore of the Dwarven traditions, as he believes Dolf is some manner of sacred or chosen knight due to the sword he bears, the ferocity of the trials he has faced thus far, and the depths of Dolf’s courage and kindheartedness. Dolf destroys the cursed ring and several mechanical limbs recovered from the lair of Kambranex during the Time of Spawning during Greengrass, and the red stone set at the base of his sword sparkled with pure white light. After the festival, he met Jurisk Ulhammond, cleric-wizard of Mystra, who agreed to enchant the fabulous mug Dolf had found in Undermountain.

Deejo and Toph strike out into the wilds outside of Waterdeep, venturing across river, plain, forest, hill, and valley. They hunt and live off the land, and Deejo communes with Ganna several times for guidance. She roams the countryside in animal forms and consumes secret and sacred roots and fungi and fruits to see hidden things and learn ancient wisdom from all living entities.

6th of Mirtul

The Fellowship Arkayik gathers once more in the Yawning Portal Inn, drawn back together by summons and the ever-present Call. Once more, they descend unto the depths. They move through the Hall of Many Pillars and the Hall of Shattered Mirrors, approaching the rope bridge across the Chasm of the Mad Mage. Upon attempting to cross, the party is ambushed by a number of darkmantles. Cale responds by continually dispelling the monsters darkness spheres, until one land upon his head, forcing him to begin using an area dispel every turn, which had some drawbacks for the teammates, notably Dolf.

The darkmantles were finally dispatched, and after some rest, the Fellowship continued onward across the rope bridge and reached the Corridor of Black Water.


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