Expedition to Undermountain

Session 6 - Turn up the Heat

18th Tarsakh

18th of Tarsakh

The Fellowship once again climbs the cliff face, this time undisturbed, and the reach the top and behold the Smolderac Lava Tube. A veritable river of lava flows before them, with choking noxious fumes rising into great cracks in the ceiling far above. Out on an outcropping of basalt within the lava flow, is a spire that holds a honeycomb of metal, stone, and glass, which forms a forbidding tower of fiendish architecture.

The Fellowship begins to explore the clifftop and discovers a tunnel that descends downwards and towards the lava flow, perhaps going underneath it, so they venture down it. The tunnel gives way to a small cave where they encounter a number of magmins playing in small lava pools. The magmins bid them to wait and fetch their leader, King Moltono.

Moltono bids them to kill a pyrohydra named Pyron Eightskull who lives further below. According to Moltono, Pyron’s lair is bathed in periodic blasts of super-hot steam, which the fire creatures find soothing. The steam comes from a “metal tunnel” that leads to Kambranex’s tower far above. The Fellowship agrees to this tasking, since it will give them easy access into the wizards tower.

Further still down the winding tunnels, the Fellowship encounters the steam-wreathed chamber of Pyron Eightskull. After a fierce battle ensues, Pyron is vanquished when Deejo uses an earth spike to impale him from below.


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