Expedition to Undermountain

Session 5 - The Long Way Out, The Short Way Down

17th to 18th Tarsakh

17th Tarsakh

The Fellowship is led towards the Smolderac Cavern by a Horntallow guide for around 4 hours. Eventually, their guide will go no further and points them towards a tunnel opening that simmers with a dull orange glow. The Fellowship emerges into a cavern with a soaring ceiling and a sheer cliff face in front of them. The glow is coming from atop the cliff.

The Fellowship begins the ascent with HALO in the lead to set pitons for Deejo and Dolf as Cale flies next to them. As they are around two thirds of the way up, two half-machine spider eaters emerge from holes in the cliff face and attack the party. The monsters are defeated swiftly, but not before Dolf is stung by one of them and succumbs to their poison of paralysis and falls off the cliff.

18th of Tarsakh

The party descends back to the floor of the cavern to check on Dolf. Having no mundane or magical means to help, they rest for several hours and Deejo prepares and uses neutralize poison, as Dolf has not become better during the rest cycle.


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