Expedition to Undermountain

Session 3 - The Good, the Bad, and the Unnatural

10th to 11th Tarsakh

10th of Tarsakh

The Fellowship meets a forest gnome druid named Deejo Glimmerdark along with her mastiff, Toph, near the Chasm of the Mad Mage. After basic introductions, Deejo reveals that she was sent on a mission by the Circle of the High Forest to investigate the unusual happenings surrounding Halaster’s Call. The members of the Fellowship reveal that they, too, are Called and suggest joining forces. Deejo senses a friend of nature in Cale, and remains unsure of Dolf and especially HALO, but she decides to join the Fellowship Arkayik.

The group now decides to head back to the Entry Well to sell loot and compare notes. They head East towards the Bucket, and are ambushed by Sluggard goblins driving along the fearsome Metal Master, an enormous slug embedded with shards and scraps of metal, who possessed potent magnetism powers. A fierce battle ensued, and the unnatural slug was killed and the remaining Sluggard goblins were driven off.

11th of Tarsakh

The Fellowship rings the bell to call the Bucket and is hauled up the shaft. Once above ground, Cale takes a day to locate a fence by the name of Phineas Goldtoe, who offers to buy all 12 of the mirror frames at cost.


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