Expedition to Undermountain

Session 13 - Familiar Faces
10th to 11th Mirtul

10th of Mirtul

The earth genasi guard returns and escorts the group into a maze of tunnels. Shortly, they are presented once more to Thayana, who smiles and greets them warmly. She waves one acolyte off to fetch someone, and another to bring forth the Broth of Tongues.

The Fellowship partakes of the potion and Thayana does too, and they begin to converse as a man is brought into the candle-lit cavern. The man has dark skin of a rich coffee color, and long black hair. He bears an elegantly trimmed goatee and has ears that taper to a slender point. He wears rich clothing of silks in a style more typical of the fair and sunny South rather than the oft-frigid Sword Coast. Though his dress and manner are elegant, he is obviously somewhat unkempt and dirty, and looks rather haggard. Though a slightly disgusted look passes across his face when offered the Broth of Tongues, he nonetheless drinks some and joins the conversation.

He introduces himself as Howl Firebrand, a wizard living in Waterdeep. He too experienced Halaster’s Call several weeks ago and set about on his own to investigate. However, when surprised by a monster on the Dungeon Level of Undermountain, he reflexively tried to teleport away from danger, and his spell was scrambled by Halaster’s wards. He ended up near the Horntallow after wandering about in the maze-like for days, and begged for their help. They promised to put him in contact with surface travelers when they could.

The Fellowship tells Howl that their target lies deeper, and it may be a while until they return to the surface, but he agrees to come along anyway. Howl says that he’d rather continue on with the group even if they don’t make for the surface right away, as he has heard of their exploits from the earth genasi and has surmised that travel with them is relatively safer than not.

11th of Mirtul

The group, now with Howl and more information from Thayana, makes for the Chasm of the Mad Mage. They climb it once again, and the Fellowship decides to show Howl the Entry Well to help familiarize him with their normal routes. On the way, they run into Chukt’yuktuk again, in the same secret door room as last time. He’s happy to see them still alive and asks what he can do to help. Deejo purchases his Mask of Sweet Air, and the Fellowship together purchases a Heward’s Fortifying Bedroll for the spellcasters to make communal use of. Chuk wishes them well on their quest and hopes they live to see each other again.

The Fellowship shows Howl the Entry Well, then reverses course to pass through the Hall of Many Columns and the Hall of Shattered Mirrors, now empty of its mirrors. As they cross the rope bridge leading to the Corridor of Black Water, the bridge twists unexpectedly and Deejo is thrown off. However, she wildshapes into an owl in the nick of time and manages to pull up away from the floor of the chasm and land on the other side.

The party encounters trouble when crossing the Corridor of Black Water, though. 3 Dreads and a Flameskull ambush them and light the water on fire! The group defeats them all through HALO’s bold charge, Dolf’s holy turning, and Howl’s mystic power, though they proved to be worthy foes. The Fellowship moved on, and Howl used several prestidigitations to clean the oily water from everyone.

The Fellowship then crossed the rippling black curtain of darkness in front of the Hungry Face. HALO sprints down the corridor to deposit scrolls given to him by Dolf. The Hungry Face stops its scream after eating a Scroll of Remove Curse, and the rest of the group hurries to catch up.

HALO then discovers an alcove in the wall ahead that traces out a small passageway, complete with a secret door leading to the Librarium of the Dungeon Level. The Librarium has been obviously looted over time, and now only ruined and moldering books remain on the shelves that line the room. A single scrap of paper rests on the reading table that seems to be from a book discussing the history of Undermountain. It discusses the Seventimes, a period of Undermountain’s history when the Seven (Halaster’s most powerful Apprentices, excluding Shradin Mulophor, who arrived in 1148 DR) descended into Undermountain in search of the Mad Mage. The passage names the Seven – Arcturia, Jhesiyra Kestellharp, Murial the Misshapen, Nester, Marambra Nyghtsteel, Rantantar, and Trobriand the Metal Mage.

Shortly afterwards the group moves on and finds several dead adventurers who all bear a badge with a purple worm on it a chamber nearby that also bears a fist-sized glowing spot on a wall above an inscription reading “Find ye a nice day – without”. A side chamber off of this one contains a few dead grells, and the group is ambushed by two more when they return to the main chamber. The grells paralyze Howl, Cale, and Deejo within a few seconds, but HALO and Dolf place themselves in between them and fight back valiantly. Eventually the grells go down, and the other spellcasters are freed.

The Fellowship pauses to catch their breath as HALO moves about, finding a blue-green potion, a masterwork silver dagger, a Scroll of Rope Trick, and a Wand of Burning Hands, before tending to the unfortunate adventurers bodies. He lays them next to one another, retrieves their badges, and uses two flasks of oil to soak what remains of their bodies after using their ragged cloaks and tabards as shrouds. He says some words over them, too low for the rest of the group to hear, though Dolf knows what they likely are. Afterwards, he kneels and draws a tindertwig across the dungeon flagstones, and lights the corpses aflame.

Session 12 - Once More Unto the Breach
10th Mirtul

10th of Mirtul

Morning comes with the tide, and Deejo awakens in the sea cave. A gull arrives as she opens her eyes, bearing a note from Ganna bearing the counsel of the Circle.

Cale awakens and begins to pretty himself up for the day. Dolf awakes shortly before dawn to pray, practice his swordsmanship with HALO, and eat his breakfast. After sparring with Dolf, HALO leaves early to do some shopping for the scouting mission.

A few hours after dawn, Deejo has returned to the Yawning Portal, and HALO shortly afterwards. HALO displays his purchases, a Ring of the Darkhidden, Sandals of Springing, several Blast Disks, and a small pouch full of Daylight Pellets. Deejo shares parts of her message, and a recurring dream that she’s been having since the Call.

She has been dreaming of a massive crystalline pillar, atop a large hill within a cavern deep, deep underground. The crystal formation reaches down through the hill, with spurs and growths poking out of the hill at odd angles, and up into the roof of the enormous cavern. It is covered in strange runes and crackles with magical potential, with arcs of energy leaping between outcroppings. The visions are accompanied by a strong feeling of something being wrong, something needing to be fixed or set right.

After receiving and discussing this information, the Fellowship they decide to descend and seek out the Horntallow, to see if they know anything about what Deejo is dreaming about. They pay their fee to Durnan and are lowered down the Entry Well. They descend the Chasm of the Mad Mage and set off towards the Horntallow tribe.

After a 6 hour march, the Fellowship is stopped by an earth genasi tunnel guard. Dolf casts comprehend languages and pantomimes with the guard. The guard tells Dolf that he will go and tell the wise woman that the group has come, and asks the Fellowship to wait where they are.

Session 11 - The Plot Thickens
8th Mirtul to 9th Mirtul

8th of Mirtul

The next day, the Fellowship splits up to pursue their goals.

Deejo shapes into an eagle and seeks out a sea cave upon the cliffs of Mount Waterdeep with a suitable pool of water. She lands within and begins a scrying spell to contact her teacher in the High Forest. After an hour, Ganna’s form shimmers into view in the pool and Deejo tells her what has transpired. Ganna seems rather concerned, and tells Deejo not to take rash action until the Circle contacts her, and ends the spell to go convene the Circle.

HALO goes to New Ollam to seek out information from the bards there. He is directed to Antharissa Nimesin, one of the Loremasters of the College. He sets a meeting with her for several hours later and then gathers the remaining party members. Antharissa reveals to them that the ring they have recovered is a Horned Ring of Halaster, a rare item unique to Undermountain.

Created by Halaster himself, these rings are known to contain great power. Once an individual puts on a Horned Ring, it may not be removed from that finger, ever. The only way to remove one is to remove the finger with it. Only 8 Horned Rings are known to exist, and most are accounted for among Halaster’s Apprentices. Of all the known rings, only Jhesiyra Kestellharp’s is unaccounted for, as it vanished with her centuries ago. It is a likely assumption that this ring once belonged to her. These rings are said to have the power to allow the wearer to teleport within Undermountain, absorb electricity, bypass magical barriers with a touch, and act as though under a freedom of movement spell. She warns you to treat it with caution, as most individuals out there with more than a passing knowledge of Undermountain and Halaster will recognize such an artifact in an instant.

After the meeting with Antharissa, most of the group decides to head back to the Yawning Portal Inn. Cale wants to get a pair of fine slippers he found enchanted with haste, and begins to inquire around the Trade and Castle Wards as to where he might find one to do the work. He is largely shrugged off or laughed away, while a few direct him to seek out Farideh at Lorcan’s Tower, one of the Cliffside Villas along the slopes of Mount Waterdeep. Cale finally arrives at the mansion, and rings the bell. Farideh herself greets him, and is rather prickly, though she curtly agrees to work the enchantment, though for 14,000 Dragons.

Cale meets back with the other members of the Fellowship as evening begins to fall. They discuss their plans over dinner. Deejo and Cale wish to await word from Deejo’s mentor before doing anything else. Dolf and HALO, however, are getting restless and are considering a scouting mission into Undermountain, possibly heading in by themselves.

Night passes. No word comes.

9th of Mirtul

Day comes, but still no word arrives. Deejo and Cale persuade Dolf and HALO to hold off for one more day. The day passes as the group waits. Cale sequesters himself in his room, while Dolf boasts of their accomplishments in the common room with HALO singing softly and strumming his lute in the corner. Deejo paces the streets. The day passes, with no word. Night falls. Dolf and Cale drink next to the fire while HALO listens to the murmurs of the common room and strums his lute. Deejo returns to the sea cave and begins to meditate and focus on her connection to nature.

Session 10 - Information is Power
7th Mirtul

7th of Mirtul

Cale’s abilities reveal that there is an overwhelming aura of magic associated with the ring, and the Fellowship decides to pull out of Undermountain and seek more information about the ring. They cautiously make their way back to the Entry Well with no disturbances. Once they are raised back into the common room of the Yawning Portal, they find a private booth and begin discussion on avenues of investigation they could pursue.

It is decided that the group will split up and to cover more potential avenues at once. Deejo will contact her teacher from the High Forest, Ganna. HALO will attempt to use his newfound contacts at the bard’s College to see if there are any stories or histories that refer to the ring. Dolf will go to Authgrim to see if he knows anything of use about the ring or its origin.

The group agrees to meet up in a day to touch base and compare notes. Cale suggests that they use some of their newfound wealth from Kambranex’s lair to better equip themselves for their inevitable return to Undermountain’s corridors.

Session 9 - The Horned Ring
6th Mirtul

6th of Mirtul

The Fellowship crosses through the submerged Corridor of Black Water, and onto the other side. After turning down the next corridor, they encounter a rippling curtain of darkness filling the tunnel. According to Cale, these are one of Halaster’s notorious traps, traditionally having an antimagic field effect in addition to the darkness and the heightened gravity. However, according to rumors amongst the Called, this one and several others like it on the Dungeon Level have only the darkness portion active after the earthquake.

This rumor proves true, and the group leaps the gap one by one. Down the corridor, at the end of a T-junction, is a 10-foot-wide bas relief of a snarling, demonic face. A round hole in the center of the faces’ mouth, some 6 inches in diameter, leads down into darkness. Cale notified the group that this was the Hungry Face, which projects a strong sonic attack which will abate when fed a scroll. The group found that a scroll of 3rd level stopped the effect while a scroll of 1st level and 2nd level did not.

Cale informed the group that his continuing dream-vision took place on the Falling Stair, which was not far from their current location. In his vision, a glowing blue-white presence places a small metal item into his hand. It is accompanied by the impulse that the item is incredibly important somehow to their current quest. The Fellowship decides to proceed directly to the Falling Stair.

Upon drawing near, the Fellowship feels a deep rumbling and the walls shake and the staircase ahead of them collapses into a rocky pile of rubble. Cale tells them that this is to be expected, however. After about 30 minutes, all the fallen dust and rubble begins to rise silently towards the ceiling, and in a moment, the stairway is clear again. As the Fellowship proceeds up the now safe stairs, they are attacked by two blazing globes of fire bouncing out of the darkness above. A battle ensues, and the blobby fire things eventually collapse into smoldering ooze that quickly cools as it runs down the stairs.

Cale walks slowly up the stairs, and a shimmering web of arcane energy spreads forth to stop his progress. At the center of the web is a pale blue-white glow that pulsates in a calm, nonthreatening manner, as though waiting for him to do something. Cale reaches into the light, and wraps his hand around a small metal item. As Cale looks at the item after he draws it out of the light, it turns out to be a small black iron ring set with a pair of horns that sweep back towards the wearer, with a ruby in the middle of the horns.

Afterwards, the glowing presence retreated up the stairs and the glowing web disappeared, with a wall of force left in its place. As the glow winked out in the distance a voice resonated in the Fellowship’s head “NOW LEAVE THE STAIR TO THIS CITADEL”. The Fellowship hurriedly made their way down the stair and made camp in an alcove slightly to the North.

Session 8 - Lights to Ward Off the Dark
19th Tarsakh to 6th Mirtul

19th of Tarsakh to 5th of Mirtul

The Fellowship awakes after a night of feasting and drinking with the Horntallow Tribe. They prepare spells and travel back to the Chasm of the Mad Mage after making their farewells to the earth genasi. They ascend the cliff and return to the Entry Well and the surface world.

It is here that Quajhi decides to make his leave, as the strange and terrible sights have proven too much for him. He resolves to keep more to House Sivis business but tells the Fellowship that he will be staying in Waterdeep at the local Sivis Outpost for the time being, and that they should drop by if they are in need of his skills, as they are part of the reason he is still alive at all.

Cale returns to the woods North of Waterdeep for a while to contemplate the things he saw and to try to contact Nyssa. He is disturbed by the fierce power of the unnatural creations of the wizard, and the ease with which they seemed to conquer the natural forces around them. He retreats into the depths of his own soul, seeking the power that Nyssa has always told him resides there.

HALO loses himself in the streets of Waterdeep for several days, where he ends up running into Danilo Thann himself, who is seeking inspiration on the docks. Danilo quickly befriends him, and HALO spends the next several days being shown the sights around Waterdeep, and staying at the New Ollam Bard’s College. He decides to make a sizeable donation to the College, at the sum of 5,000 gold Dragons. This is enough to begin construction of their new wing, which Danilo promises to dedicate to HALO and his friends, of whom he has heard much about from HALO during the preceding days.

Dolf spends a time at the Mordinsammrn as Greengrass is approaching, and the day bears religious significance for him. During this time, he meets Authgrim Stonebeard while making a futile attempt to study. Dolf has been sent to study in punishment for bringing a cursed item into the Mordinsammrn, an item he retrieved from Kambranex’s horde. Authgrim recognizes the runic inscriptions on Dolf’s sword and agrees to tutor him in the deep lore of the Dwarven traditions, as he believes Dolf is some manner of sacred or chosen knight due to the sword he bears, the ferocity of the trials he has faced thus far, and the depths of Dolf’s courage and kindheartedness. Dolf destroys the cursed ring and several mechanical limbs recovered from the lair of Kambranex during the Time of Spawning during Greengrass, and the red stone set at the base of his sword sparkled with pure white light. After the festival, he met Jurisk Ulhammond, cleric-wizard of Mystra, who agreed to enchant the fabulous mug Dolf had found in Undermountain.

Deejo and Toph strike out into the wilds outside of Waterdeep, venturing across river, plain, forest, hill, and valley. They hunt and live off the land, and Deejo communes with Ganna several times for guidance. She roams the countryside in animal forms and consumes secret and sacred roots and fungi and fruits to see hidden things and learn ancient wisdom from all living entities.

6th of Mirtul

The Fellowship Arkayik gathers once more in the Yawning Portal Inn, drawn back together by summons and the ever-present Call. Once more, they descend unto the depths. They move through the Hall of Many Pillars and the Hall of Shattered Mirrors, approaching the rope bridge across the Chasm of the Mad Mage. Upon attempting to cross, the party is ambushed by a number of darkmantles. Cale responds by continually dispelling the monsters darkness spheres, until one land upon his head, forcing him to begin using an area dispel every turn, which had some drawbacks for the teammates, notably Dolf.

The darkmantles were finally dispatched, and after some rest, the Fellowship continued onward across the rope bridge and reached the Corridor of Black Water.

Session 7 - Out of the Frying Pan...
18th Tarsakh

18th of Tarsakh

The Fellowship investigates the roof of Pyron’s cave and discovers a 20-foot-wide vertical, smooth, metal shaft that leads up into the darkness. At irregular intervals, blasts of steam rocket down the shaft into the cavern.

The group prepares spells of resistance and ascends the slippery, humid tunnel. After a climb of 350 feet, they come upon an opening in the ceiling of the shaft, and upon peering out, they see an enormous forge, filling the chamber with a sweltering heat and fiery glow. The floor is made of polished basalt, and the chamber is stained with soot. The crack of a whip and cries of pain draw the attention of the group to between several carts filled with raw iron ore

A strange reptilian creature which exudes crimson flames and whose humanoid torso ends in a sinuous snake-like serrated metal tail uses its fearsome lower appendage like a whip to assault a group of cowering workers who resemble metallic-skinned dwarves with hair and beards of flame.

The Fellowship bursts through the trapdoor and do battle with the half-machine salamander. They defeat it and manage to communicate with the workers, whom they identify as azers. The salamander they slew turned out to be a cruel individual named Tazqualrin, a slavedriver who forces the azers to produce metal limbs and parts for Kambranex’s mad creations. The azers also inform the Fellowship that some doors only open to small, colored, metal cards that Kambranex’s lieutenants carry with them. The Fellowship has recovered a green card and a grey card from the half-machine minotaur, and now a yellow one from Tazqualrin. They tell the azers to go free, for which they are thanked, and then they press on through the lift to the North.

The lift takes them up a level and opens into a small antechamber with three yellow doors set into the other three walls. The door directly across from the lift opens up to reveal a small, circular room. A large symbol on the ceiling casts a scarlet glow over the room. In the center of the room, a large crescent-shaped arch stands atop a dais. A yellow symbol similar to the one on the ceiling, only smaller, glows at the apex of the arch, and a card-sized indentation marks the center.

The Fellowship decides it’s best not to fool with a wizard’s things unbidden, so they go back to the antechamber and try another door. This one leads them into a work room where 4 automatons mindlessly assemble pieces forged below into limbs and organs, their tool-laden hands quickly fitting, welding, and polishing the pieces into a larger whole. The Fellowship leaves the strange robots alone and scavenges some toolkits before continuing along the circumference of the tower.

The next room held a large partly mechanical, partly organic machine that filled the room with pulses of magical energy emanating from it. Arcane symbols and knobs and dials adorn a control panel on the side of the thing. The machine connects to the wall of the room before it, and the room after it, being presumably only one part of some horrible greater purpose.

The next chamber reeks of burnt flesh, blood, and electricity. The huge machine continues out of the wall, with a conveyor belt leading into the next segment like a gaping maw. The room is filled with dreadful grinding and zapping noises, and suddenly a woman is dislodged from the far end of the machine, where she falls limply to the floor. Shortly after a man follows, in the same state, and the noise lowers somewhat. Both of them sport new metal limbs, but it seems neither survived the attachment process. An umber hulk with huge metal limbs and serrated sharp fingers sees the party and attacks. The beast is felled, and Cale desires the thing’s eye orbs to sell to wizards as material components. While he cuts them out, HALO finds a red colored card among the few possessions of the umber hulk.

The card opens the doors of 3 cells within the room, set against the outer wall. 14 Horntallow tribesfolk are found within. Dolf bids them to wait so that the Fellowship may escort them safely back to their tribe, and the Fellowship heads back to the lift, which takes them further upwards when presented with the red card.

When the lift doors open, the familiar symbol on the ceiling illuminates the 20-foot-tall chamber with a hellish glow. An iron and basalt desk dominates the center of the room. An iron bookshelf, sparsely filled with ancient tomes, scroll cases, and other arcane items, spans the left wall. A fantastic machine fills the far side of the room, and atop the machine, 10 feet off the floor, a burgundy-skinned man with long grey hair and a bronze amulet around his neck floats limply within a glass bubble filled with glowing green liquid. Electricity pulses through the liquid, causing the emaciated body to jerk spasmodically now and then. Near the machine is a sophisticated workshop where metal limbs and strange tools cover two long workbenches. To the right stands a modest alchemy lab that has seen little use.

In front of the machine is a kneeling gleaming black metal figure, seeming almost to be a squire waiting to be knighted, until it slowly rises to reveal a hulking humanoid figure. it turns to behold you through a glowing green helmet slit, and bears a matching amulet to the figure in the glass sphere. A booming, grinding voice emits from the guardian. “FOOLISH SOFT CREATURES! YOU MUST BE MECHANIZED!”. And with that utterance, it raises one of its spiked black fists, both of which burst into flames, and a conical dart fires outward violently. The Fellowship engages in pitched battle with the strange being, and though Dolf and Cale nearly perish, the day is theirs!

The Mechanical Man falls, and Dolf reasons that Kambranex is the figure held within the glass sphere. HALO hurls his magical returning axe at the sphere, shattering it, and the machine powers down as the fluid spills everywhere. Dolf beheads the body of Kambranex, and the group searches for anything useful within the powerful wizard’s private study. They obtain several powerful scrolls and a masterwork alchemy set as well as several masterwork thieves tools and masterwork blacksmiths and metalworkers toolkits as well.

The Fellowship returns one floor down to gather the Horntallow abductees and begins the long trek back to their cavern. The descent through the steam tunnel is infinitely easier due to the progressive shut-down of Kambranex’s tower after the generator was damaged, and the delighted magmins are more than happy to help see the Fellowship and their guests to the cliff face. Several judicious applications of levitation and a few hours later, and the Fellowship reaches the Horntallow cavern.

Upon receiving the survivors and the news that Kambranex and his foul creations were forevermore defeated, the ecstatic genasi insisted that the Fellowship stay and feast with them. They were lead back to the main Northern Horntallow Cavern and treated to a unique feast, after which they bed down to a well earned rest.

Session 6 - Turn up the Heat
18th Tarsakh

18th of Tarsakh

The Fellowship once again climbs the cliff face, this time undisturbed, and the reach the top and behold the Smolderac Lava Tube. A veritable river of lava flows before them, with choking noxious fumes rising into great cracks in the ceiling far above. Out on an outcropping of basalt within the lava flow, is a spire that holds a honeycomb of metal, stone, and glass, which forms a forbidding tower of fiendish architecture.

The Fellowship begins to explore the clifftop and discovers a tunnel that descends downwards and towards the lava flow, perhaps going underneath it, so they venture down it. The tunnel gives way to a small cave where they encounter a number of magmins playing in small lava pools. The magmins bid them to wait and fetch their leader, King Moltono.

Moltono bids them to kill a pyrohydra named Pyron Eightskull who lives further below. According to Moltono, Pyron’s lair is bathed in periodic blasts of super-hot steam, which the fire creatures find soothing. The steam comes from a “metal tunnel” that leads to Kambranex’s tower far above. The Fellowship agrees to this tasking, since it will give them easy access into the wizards tower.

Further still down the winding tunnels, the Fellowship encounters the steam-wreathed chamber of Pyron Eightskull. After a fierce battle ensues, Pyron is vanquished when Deejo uses an earth spike to impale him from below.

Session 5 - The Long Way Out, The Short Way Down
17th to 18th Tarsakh

17th Tarsakh

The Fellowship is led towards the Smolderac Cavern by a Horntallow guide for around 4 hours. Eventually, their guide will go no further and points them towards a tunnel opening that simmers with a dull orange glow. The Fellowship emerges into a cavern with a soaring ceiling and a sheer cliff face in front of them. The glow is coming from atop the cliff.

The Fellowship begins the ascent with HALO in the lead to set pitons for Deejo and Dolf as Cale flies next to them. As they are around two thirds of the way up, two half-machine spider eaters emerge from holes in the cliff face and attack the party. The monsters are defeated swiftly, but not before Dolf is stung by one of them and succumbs to their poison of paralysis and falls off the cliff.

18th of Tarsakh

The party descends back to the floor of the cavern to check on Dolf. Having no mundane or magical means to help, they rest for several hours and Deejo prepares and uses neutralize poison, as Dolf has not become better during the rest cycle.

Session 4 - Friends in Strange Places
12th to 17th Tarsakh

12th of Tarsakh to 15th of Tarsakh

Cale goes into the woods to the North of Waterdeep to commune with the spirits of nature and the fey. During this time, a gnome from Khorvaire named Quajhi approached Dolf, HALO, and Deejo, and asks to join in their exploits, as he has heard a small bit of their “marvelous adventure”. The group agrees, being in need of arcane power.

16th of Tarsakh

Cale has returned from the wilderness and met Quajhi. While the group is dining at the Yawning Portal, they are approached by an olive-skinned beauty with jet black hair and striking green eyes. She wears a crimson silk sash around her waist, and another holds back her raven locks. She introduces herself as Naneatha Lharilstar and says that she is an apprentice mage to member of the Watchful Order of Mage Protectors. She hires the Fellowship to obtain a specific kind of ore; magnelite ore. She informs them that it may be found in specific veins between levels 1 and 2 of Undermountain, and also gives them a special Scroll of Sending to reach her once their task is completed, and departs.

17th of Tarsakh

The Fellowship has gathered their wits and resources, and in the morning, descends once again through the Entry Well. They press swiftly to the Chasm of the Mad Mage, and begin to make their way down the cliff. They cross the Chasm once they reach the bottom, and continue along a tunnel path that Deejo informs them should lead to one of the magnelite veins. The Fellowship sets off and travels for around 6 hours.

Their journey is interrupted when an earth genasi tribesmen runs into their march, being chased by some sort of half-machine minotaur and two similar partly-mechanical ogres. The Fellowship Arkayik leaps into action, and slays the aggressors while defending the tribesman. They cannot understand his strange tongue until Dolf casts comprehend languages. The tribesman says that his name is Meru, and he pleads for their help and asks them to meet with the wise woman of his tribe.

The Fellowship agrees and follows Meru for an hour more until they come to the refuge of the tribe. They are escorted into a back chamber and they see that atop a pile of bones and skins rests a venerable old woman with skin like wrinkled leather, stark white hair, and coal-black eyes. The small, elderly woman drinks a strange, tarry black substance and begins to speak in a language they all recognize as their own.

She tells them her name is Thayana of the Horntallow Tribe. She goes on to inform the Fellowship that for many years, a wizard known as Kambranex has lived nearby their territory, in a citadel atop an exposed magma flow, which he uses to pursue his experiments in creating constructs and machines. Eventually, Kambranex contracted some manner of disease or curse on one of his journeys into the deeper layers of Undermountain, and retreated into his tower, only sending forth his creations to accomplish his goals.

Thayana tells the group that for years the Horntallow had lived peaceably alongside Kambranex’s machines, who paid them little notice. Then, several months ago, foul half-machine monsters began to venture forth from Kambranex’s tower. These horrors of mechanics and muscle begin to conduct raids on the Horntallow, abducting the tribesfolk and taking them back to Kambranex’s lair.

The Horntallow fled their usual caves and territory and took refuge in this large cavern with gray-green streaks along the walls. Dolf and Deejo recognize these as large magnelite deposits in the walls of the cavern. Evidently, the magnelite has some repellent property where Kambranex’s creations are concerned. However, it is failing. Thayana informs the Fellowship that the half-machines have been venturing closer and closer to the cavern daily.

The Fellowship harvests 20 pounds of magnelite to give to Naneatha later, and caches it with the Horntallow. Afterwards, they rest and begin to head out to the Smolderac Cavern.


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