The Mad Mage beckons, and Undermountain awaits!

Since before the founding of Waterdeep itself, Halaster Blackcloak has dwelt below the mountain. The Mad Mage oversees the deepest, most dangerous, and most infamous dungeon in the Western Heartlands, and possibly all of Faerun. As the City of Splendors grew up around the base of Mount Waterdeep, stories have always persisted of the crazed and powerful wizard who stalks the Underhalls, doling out treasure and punishments alike.

However, on the 7th day of the month of Tarsakh, just after dawn, a long rolling earthquake shook the city awake. Cracks appeared in walls, and crockery rattled, but no buildings collapsed. A public uproar ensued. Earthquakes are nearly unheard of, and rumors of disaster and calamity soon race through the streets. To confuse matters further, people across the city suddenly experience sharp, sudden mental visions.

These visions are disjointed and strange, but filled with images of a screaming bearded man whose eyes blaze with rage, sorrow, and swimming stars, before shifting to scenes of pillars cracking, ceilings in dark tunnels and caverns collapsing, and surging explosions of blue-white and violet sparks. Repeatedly the screaming face returns, and feelings of despair, of something left unfinished, and of great loss and ruin surge through the minds of those who will become the Called.

A few mages and bards experiencing the visions recognize the face as the Mad Mage, and soon everyone knows that something terrible has happened in Undermountain, but have no idea what that may be.

Through the day and the night, adventurers of all stripes across the northern Sword Coast experience these strange visions and dreams, and by the morning of the 8th, they are beginning to converge on Waterdeep.

HALO, a warforged veteran of the Last War of Khorvaire, and Dolf, a rebellious dwarven cleric from the Mror Holds, return to Waterdeep from the nearby southeastern countryside. They have been waiting for just such a call to epic adventure since their arrival in Faerun from Khorvaire in late 1003 Year of the King, or 1378 by Dale Reckoning.

Cale Rittfield, a halfling lesser vassal of the Seelie Court of Fey, decides to investigate after receiving additional visions of a glowing radiance upon a staircase into darkness, an iron ring with small horns, and a falling ceiling that no others seem to share.

Deejo Glimmerdark, a gnomish druid of the Elder Circle of the High Forest, and her faithful hound Toph, are sent to investigate after the Elder Council detects the unmistakable magical signature of a dryad, a creature of soil and sun and root and leaf, within the underground confines of Undermountain after the earthquake.

Together these fated individuals form the Fellowship Archaic, and on the 9th day of Tarsakh in 1380 D.R., they begin an Expedition to Undermountain!

Expedition to Undermountain

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